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Details of the Cameleon "Floating Tweeter"

CameleonThe 27 mm Cameleon dome tweeter, applied according to the patent, is a High Fidelity unit with glass fibre reinforced plastic chassis with optimum acoustic properties.  The diaphragm is formed from a precoated light-weight fabric using a high-tech production method.  Careful matching of fabric and coating results in a very smooth frequency response throughout the audible frequency range and give a very high degree of stability against changes in air temperature and humidity. 
The voice coil is wound on an aluminium voice coil former with resonances in the internal cavities.  The voice coil is immersed in low viscosity magnetic fluid, allowing high power handling capacity.  Increased volume under the diaphragm by means of a well in the polepiece, lowers the resonance frequency.

Details of the Floating Woofers

The different types of 14 cm Cameleon woofers are high fidelity units with a stiff and stable injection moulded magnesium chassis.

The stiff, yet light aluminium cone and the low loss rubber surround show no sign of the familiar 500 - 1500 Hz cone edge resonance and distortion associated with soft cones.
A high temperature voice cone wound on a aluminium voice coil former gives high power handling capacity.

The phase plug gives low compression due to temperature variations in the voice coil, high power handling capacity and eliminates resonances which otherwise occur in the volume between the dust cap and the pole piece.

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