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The true to nature reproduction of both vocal and instrumental music, is the essence of every model of the Cameleon series.  The exact timbre is only one of their most striking acoustical characteristics.

Cameleon III

The neutral, clean and natural sound of the smallest model in the Cameleon series will charm every audiophile.  The agreeable, warm and well-balanced sound was specially designed to suit most living and listening room.

Cameleon Princess

Thanks to the additional phase-plugged woofer the Cameleon Princess will convince the exigent auditor, who wants to combine exact sound reproduction and a energetic bass-response.

Cameleon Queen

Pure Royal class.   The  most dynamic and most detailed speaker in the Cameleon range.  Its unique spatial image and its hyper-realistic and energetic character, originate from the most exquisite of components, such as the precoated fabric dome tweeter,the light-aluminium phase-plugged woofers and the very high-quality cross-over.

CameleonAll Floating Systems loudspeakers are manufactured according to the strictest quality procedures.  Every single component and each individual system has been tested and strictly controlled to enable you to enjoy your valuable Cameleon speakers for years. 

Even with modestly powered amplifiers you will obtain impressive acoustical results.

All Cameleon systems are delivered with a two year warranty against possible failures in parts, used materials and construction.

To  see the technical specifications: click here.

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