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Synthese 2
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It's exacly 15 years ago now that Ivan Schellekens launched his famous Synthese speakers on the market.

The new Synthese 2 has recently been adapted technically and easthetically to the next millenium.  Producer and conceiver Ivan Schellekens has improved quite some things:

  • The bi-wired terminals are directly assembled on the internal printed circuit.
  • The connection cable is inserted through an opening at the rear side of the Synthese.
  • The print-design is totally renewed and composed with very accurately selected quality components.
  • The acoustical-cards can simply be exchanged and are foreseen with induction-free resistances having a very small tolerance.
  • The midlle-columm has a filling with a higher-density material.  This effects in a still better disconnection between the higher and lower frequencies.
  • The new dome-tweeter has a still better definition.
  • The new 21 cm woofer has a better impulse-response and a higher sensibility.
  • The sensibility of the new S 2 has been risen to 90 dB.
  • The cabinet has a smoother and more modern design and is built with very small tolerances.
  • The new S 2 is delivered in a satin black laquer with a velvety character.

More news in a next newsletter.

The NEW small Cameleon
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The new Small CameleonIn development:

With polyvalent possibilities
Magnetic shielded
A high dynamic impulse response
A high sensibility
Also excellently suited for spoken dialogues
Suited for AC 3 Digital

Preliminary data (May 1999):

2-Way bass reflex system Yes
Floating tweeter (*) Yes
Covers available in 7 colours Yes
Phase-plug Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Suited for AC 3 Digital Yes

Possibility to place the Cameleon:

* Vertically


* Horizontally

Possibility to place the front label

* In two positions

Sensitivity (2.83 V - 1 M) 90 dB
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency response 45 - 20.000 Hz
Crossover frequency 2600 Hz
Power handling 120 W
Maximun sound pressure 108 dB
Weight 9,5 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x D in cm.) 14 x 43,7 x 36

(*) Patented

Tweeter: Precoated fabric
Woofers: Light aluminium cone 14 cm x 2 cm

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