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'Synthese isn't meant for the masses'

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On the contrary, Synthese clearly focuses on the individual audiophile, who simply enjoys life.  Someone who has clear ideas, who definitely doesn't like compromises.
In one word, a strong personality, looking for the best things in life, who makes well-balanced choices and who's heading for one goal: perfect music reproduction.

Synthese's unique and remarkable design provides an answer to these emotions and is not only aesthetic but also very funcional.

The typical pivoting middle-columm, that contains the speakers is freely suspended in a way that is acoustically separated from the subwoofer.   The highly sophisticated materials and the use of masses in the middle-columm also result in and acoustical disconnection of the tweeter, the midrange and the woofer.

As a consequence, intermodulation distortion is in-existing and an exceptional clear reproduction of all frequencies is the result.

Cabinet reflections have been avoided by the carefully rounded shape of the middle-columm, resulting in a unique, clear spatial image.

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